Crisp Clutch

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PrintMany months were spent getting the design for our Crisp Packet bag just right, perfecting the high-shine finish and vertical opening. Made in Italy in a factory that specialises in jewellery, we like to think of it as wearable art.

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The Crisp Packet

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One of our most talked-about pieces, we spent many months working with specialist artisans in Italy to perfect our Crisp Packet clutch, getting the complicated angles just right. Available this season in a range of new colours, we like to think of it as wearable art.


Available for SS15 in fluorescent colours 
Each piece is made by specialist artisans. 
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The art of the Crisp Packet

To make the Crisp Packet Clutch we first create a three-dimensional scan of the real thing, which is used to produce the seven moulds that are needed to create each one. Each clutch is cast from thin metal and then hand-varnished and lined in our workshop in Florence, as the irregular shape makes this impossible to do using a machine.

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