A Celebration of Organisation at the Labelled Concept Store

In this always-on world, we celebrated the joy of organisation with a series of talks and workshops from industry experts on how to manage to-do lists and emails, de-cluttering, organising your wardrobe and time efficiency to help find order in our busy lives.

A unique retail experience, the Labelled Concept Store took over our Sloane Street, London store from 22nd – 25th November and included the whole Labelled Collection, as well as limited-edition and exclusive pieces that were only available in the concept store and online.

The Concept Store

How Do You Use Yours?

To celebrate the Labelled Concept Store, we've asked six women we admire to share how they organise their Labelled Collection pieces.

Anya has filled her Filing Cabinet pouch with a satisfying array of colour-coordinated stationery, embodying the adage 'a place for everything and everything in its place'.

Creative Director Claire Thomson-Jonville has filled her Vanity Case with everything she needs for hectic fashion weeks: "Knowing my essentials and having them organised is an integral part of my daily life. I love the vanity case because it’s discrete, functional and suits my lifestyle."

Make-Up Artist Val Garland has filled her Make-Up Pouch with her favourite products: "What I love about it is it’s quite like the Tardis, I am amazed by how much I can fit in there. VALidated!"

Founder of Just An Idea? Sarah Andelman filled the Lunch Box with fun: "I love it because it’s like going back to school, you feel younger! Our life can be so hectic, with a little bit of organisation, everything is just easier!"

Creative Director Alex Eagle has filled her Baby Emergency Kit with everything she needs on the go: "Less is more! I like to be as hands-free as possible... so it’s all I need for an outing with the babes. It fits neatly inside any handbag or baby bag, pram or even just on its own."

Brand Consultant Yasmin Sewell has filled her In-Flight Case with all she needs from take off to touch down: "I don’t mind travel getting chaotic, I quite like arriving at places with no plans, but one part of me has to be organised, so I love this."


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