The Postbox Maze

To celebrate the launch of the Postbox bag, the Postbox Maze was an immersive art installation inspired by M. C. Escher’s mural, designed for The Hague Post Office. The event took place in Brewer Street Car Park, London from the 13th – 16th September during London Fashion Week.

As well as solving the Postbox Maze – a unique tessellated design created by leading maze and puzzle designer Adrian Fisher - visitors also experienced installations in collaboration with Letters Live, artefacts from The Postal Museum and workshops that celebrated the art of the written word.

M. C. Escher’s Metamorphosis III

One of the inspirations behind the Postbox Maze, Escher’s Metamorphosis III mural was designed fifty years ago for The Hague Post Office. A timely link to the Postbox Collection.

Calligraphy Workshops with Quill London

Visitors were able to drop into workshops with modern calligraphy experts Quill London and shop a carefully curated range of beautiful stationery.

Installations in collaboration with Letters Live

Within the Postbox Maze visitors discovered recordings of a series of remarkable letters written over the centuries and from around the world read by outstanding talents. These are produced in collaboration with Letters Live, who celebrate the enduring power of literary correspondence through dazzling live performances with celebrated talent.

Exhibits from The Postal Museum

The event featured a gallery of curiosities generously loaned by The Postal Museum, a unique museum that presents a previously unseen view on some of the world’s most significant historical events and an insight into the quirky beginnings of the earliest social network.

The Bespoke Envelope Pouch

Create the ultimate personalised gift (and celebrate the art of letter writing) with the Bespoke Envelope. Each one can be embossed with the recipient’s name and address in your own handwriting and is finished with a British stamp and post mark with a custom date.

The Postbox Collection

Made in one of the world’s leading workshops, the Postbox Collection is the pinnacle of modern craftsmanship techniques. It looks deceptively simple, but the handmade vintage-gold frame is technically complicated to fit flush to the bag, resulting in an unusual and surprisingly lightweight construction.


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